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The aesthetics experience like no other. We are your private membership based clinic where you are the star of
the show. Think of it as your personal shopping experience for your aesthetic needs.

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It’s 11am and your private car has arrived to pick you up to take you to your customized one onone appointment at Skincasa. You arrive for your appointment and Sarah, the owner greets you at the door as your car pulls up to the clinic.

Sarah already knows a lot about you based on your intake upon your membership purchase, and it’s evident in the drink being served to you. This is when you realize this is nothing like you have ever experienced before. You know this feeling though. It’s vaguely familiar…that VIP backstage pass feeling and that time you felt like a rock star.

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As you step further into the clinic you are guided to sit in the intake area where Sarah sits next to you. The medical intake is thorough, and you can see from the questions that everything has been considered including; your medical history, skin conditions and concerns, relevant family history, recent changes to your life, the reason you wanted to become a member, your past aesthetic experiences, and your current skincare routine.

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Skincasa skin rejuvenation vancouver

You begin to relax and get excited at the same time. You are now aware that your playlist has been faintly playing in the background this whole time. Is this a dream? How did they get it so right?

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Since this is your first time at the clinic, today will be mostly about prepping your skin for further treatments and getting you set up with an appropriate skin routine and treatment plan based on your skin needs and aesthetic goals.

After your in-depth introductory consultation you are escorted to the change room to get changed into your custom Skincasa robe to prepare for your first, luxurious facial.

Your customized facial consists of the perfect blend of exactly what your skin needs to address your skin issues, and to leave you feeling refreshed and hydrated.

After your facial Sarah discusses your next upcoming treatment and books you in at your convenience, This may be a laser treatment with our experienced technician, a non-invasive injectable treatment with our talented Dr. Jacqueline Zhai, or a combination of treatments. While you are awaiting your driver to return you will be served delicious snacks curated to your dietary restrictions and personal tastes, and given a package consisting of skincare with at home use instructions. Sarah then hands you her card, it’s her personal mobile number to call her with any questions or concerns about your treatment or upcoming appointments. Your driver arrives to take you wherever you want to go, and as you step out of the clinic you feel like you have just experienced what a first-class aesthetics experience should be.
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Transformation Happens Here

It’s Our Pleasure to Host Your Ultra Customized, Aesthetics Experience in Vancouver.
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